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Take Free Demo for Spoken English Course now

Good Learning has been offering you courses based on the demands and needs that the students have been sharing with us. This time we have come up with an intermediate spoken english course to help you gain confidence in every and any field you are currently working in! 

The main objective of this course is to improve the overall fluency and confidence of the students while speaking english.  In other words, it will improve the ability of the students to communicate in english language. 

After doing the course the students will gain the following benefits

  1. Students will gain confidence to speak English correctly , expressively and fluently by knowing:
  • How to develop ideas to speak?
  • Tips to improve and retain vocabulary.
  • The correct pronunciation of the most common mispronounced words.
  • Knowing the basics of all the major topics of grammar.
  • How to use filler words intelligently.
  1. They will gain confidence to write an effective speech and deliver it powerfully.
  2. They will get to know how to participate in a Group Discussion and what mistakes are to be avoided by a participant.

Spoken English course free demo available

About the spoken English course

The course consists of a total of 40 lessons out of which 1 is a free demo lecture. You may take the demo lecture anytime and make up your mind.  The validity of the course is 180 days.

The course has 4 sections in it namely: Language learning, vocabulary, grammar and conversations
The average rating given by the students is 5 stars! The course is accessible online to anyone. The price of the course is Rs. 12000 but you may get a 50% discount in case you enrol now.

To Enrol now login here: https://courses.goodlearning.in/learn/Spoken-English

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