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10 Hour Personality Development Program for you

The personality development program takes up various aspects of our personality. This program is being offered by Good Learning. The course includes using body language to enhance one’s personality. For instance, movement of face, eyes and other body parts to make the personality impressive. This course also deals with displaying and utilising effective personality in interviews and public speaking. Consequently, the student will also learn the technique to manage stress related to work or education.

There is an effort to teach age skill of achieving success in your life. Moreover, there are lessons on the role of our brain and subconscious mind. The role that they performs in order to climb the ladder of success.

Personality development program by Good Learning

Course Outcomes

The Students will be able to do the following on the completion of this course:

  1. Identify Role of body language in a successful career.
  2. Evaluate leadership theories.
  3. Develop personal leadership skills.
  4. Motivate staff with meaningful work.

Course details

This personality development program includes the following topics.

  1. What is personality?
  2. The need to improve it?
  3. Effective Body language
  4. Role of Body Parts in body language.
  5. Various types of interviews.
  6. Qualities of a suitable candidate.
  7. How to handle interviews?
  8. Common habits of successful people.
  9. Effective public speaking.
  10. Role of subconscious mind in achieving set targets.
  11. Qualities of a good leader.

There are a total number of 20 lessons in this personality development program. In addition, the duration of the whole course is 10 hours. In addition, here is one trial lecture that you can take anytime before paying. 

The current price is Rs. 12,000 only. Therefore, you may enrol now by creating an ID using your Email and Password. This can be done on the official website of Good Learning.

Our advice regarding the Personality Development Program

Go through the course again and again (enrol only once). This is because each time there is this possibility to grow and add something to your personality. In other words, buy it once but take advantage of it every now and then.

Above all, find the free trial lecture here: https://courses.goodlearning.in/learn/Personality-Development

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