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5 online skill-based courses you must do before 2020 ends

How are you making the best use of this ‘Corona’ phase? What skills are you learning or enhancing while at home? Are you doing some online skill based courses to beat the boredom? If these questions are triggering you to make your time productive then believe us: you are on a right path. 

In this age and time when online skill-oriented jobs are valued the most, Good learning has a good news for all of you. We have simplified your search with a list of 5 skill-based courses that you must choose from before 2020 ends. The list of the courses has been formulated keeping in mind the need and demand of the hour. Why we recommend you to opt for these skill based courses right now because you can’t overlook them in this modern time.

Let’s read about them one by one:

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Sales Skill: This exhausting program is designed by the people who want to make their career in sales or the ones who are already sales professionals. Students & professionals from the sales field can make a great use of this course. Drawn from pure practical exposure and supported by theoretical resources; this course can make you a pro in different aspects. At Good Learning simple and basic content is presented in English language and explained in your local/national language.

Communication Skills & Written English: This online course is a must do irrespective of your niche. It helps you refine your identity. With theoretical and practical exposure, this overall effective course covers all the basic concepts of communication skills. The written communication section includes basic writing skills (focused on formal writing). This skill based course is in simple language and easily understandable. 

Spoken English: Who doesn’t want to speak fluent english? No one! Thus, spoken english courses can help you to crack interviews, make lasting impressions and what not! It covers four different aspects of language learning for beginners – alphabets and phonic sounds, vocabulary building, basic grammar and basic conversation. The best part of the course is that it is  very easy to grasp and comfortable for hindi speaking audiences as well. This course enhances the basic language skills such as Listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Computer Coding (Basics): Get engrossed into some computer coding with this course. It can help you to create Websites and web pages. In addition to this, you also can learn some basic knowledge of Javascript.

Digital Marketing: This digital world is certainly demanding all of us to be available on online platforms. Thus, learning the basics of digital marketing to showcase the services/products/ideas is truly essential. This course covers all the essentials: from social media marketing to social media optimisation.

Thus, wait no more for choosing amongst these online skill based courses! Make the best use of the time now.

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