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Good Learning Pvt. Ltd.

Online primary and secondary supplemental education in India is expected to be the dominant category of education with almost 39% market share in 2021. Our online education has a mix of dedicated online only and offline content with an online presence. Corporate tie-ups assist in co-creation of industry certified content, which enhances overall acceptance of online education amongst our target user base.

Improved internet connectivity and adoption of digital payment options have significantly aided in the growth of online education in India. We strive to bring education awareness and job worthiness amongst millions of aspiring Indians with our budgeted but effective series of online courses. We like our students to shine in their field of study with our coaching style which is flexible and smart. At the same time, online test preparation courses, expected to be the fastest growing category of online education, will also be available for various levels of study. Latest educational aids, accessories, smart stationery and digital tablet will also be available from our network of franchise canters.

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