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Business opportunity: Franchisee Centers (Virtual EDUcafes) of Good Learning

Have you ever heard of a coaching style that is available anytime & anywhere? The chances are that you might not have heard this concept before. The reason being, this kind of business opportunity never existed. But now the things are shaking up and so the delivery modes and mediums of teaching.

With this, we disclose a brand new business opportunity for you. We are introducing for the first time a unique global learning platform with basic design elements from Harvard University and MIT learning platform (EDx). Also, the whole learning process has been customised to address the National Education Policy 2020. 

Thus, you may like to grab this opportunity and open your own Franchise center. It will have a compelling interior and will be called as an EDUcafé. The edu cafes will run virtual classrooms with the aid of digital stationery including PC, Mobile, Tablets, etc offered to the students. These virtual classrooms will offer live as well as recorded lectures. 

This enables the students to grasp the entire course content at their own comfort level, anytime, anywhere. Along with this, tutor help is available to all students through discussion boards and support tickets available online or telephonically. 

Business opportunity by Good Learning: Educafe
Business opportunity like never before: EDUCafe

 What will the Franchisee owner get from this Business Opportunity?

Course enrollments, stationary, school dress material, education aids and IT products will be available through our Franchise centers.


  • Area required:  500 sq. ft. or more
  • Investment:  Rs 50,000/- Franchise fee.
  • The interiors and IT equipment as per requirement.
  • Design on actual basis ranging from 4 lacs to 10 lacs.
  • Operational expenses: Includes lease rental, staff salaries, electrical and internet charges.


  • Guidance & support from the head office.
  • Promotional support.
  • On-going service support.
  • National level marketing campaigns, digital marketing support


  • Minimum risk low investment and recession free business
  • Unique business model focusing tomorrow’s need
  • Partner to he new wave of e-learning, IT gadgets and smart products
  • Franchisee training at Head Office
  • Great returns on investment
  • Exclusive area rights given
  • Renewable term of 3 years


  • School coaching
  • NCERT courses
  • Competitive Exams
  • Language skills
  • Financial Markets
  • Job skills


  • Individual with basic computer knowledge
  • Person believing in e-learning concept
  • Individual/Entrepreneurs already in education industry

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