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Facts about learning

5 Shocking Facts about Learning: Apply it and see the Magic!

The below list is not vague, it is a compilation of the real research done by scholars. Before you read them, make sure that you put aside your conventional beliefs. These interesting and shocking facts are completely scientific and logical.

Playing Video Games help the child enhance communication skills

When a child indulges himself/herself into playing video games, they use it as a topic of communication while out with their friends. They finally have a topic of their choice which they are usually comfortable and happy to talk about. Along with this, playing video games helps in releasing negative emotions like stress, fear, and anxiety which children pent up within themselves. This is according to a study done by Cheryl K. Olson that appeared in the Review of General Psychology.

Playing Chess sharpen Children

Chess is known for improving brain functionality. It improves concentration, critical thinking, improves memory and the benefits are many. It has actually shown results in increasing the IQ of students. Great personalities including Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare used to play chess too.

Gardening make kids responsible

Children have surplus energy within themselves. When the children see a transformation of a seed into a plant, they grab a sense of responsibility towards a living organism. Gardening touches subjects like science, english, nutrition etc. Moreover, learning outdoors is a great exercise for the mind and body.

Instructing kids can be harmful sometimes

Sometimes when a kid has a set of instructions given to them, they tend to follow the given instructions only. They make no or less move to explore the topic, subject or thing further. Thus, we must give them ample time to follow the natural curiosity of discovering things.

Kids who Self-Talk are better presentors

When a student talks to himself/herself there are better chances of solving a math problem. They can come up with effective logics and reasoning while they self-talk about the problem. Speaking loudly activates the hear sense and they may hear the right answer.

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Blog by: Phalak Betab

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